In a yellow light darkroom place the Darkroom Equipment to create a preparation area, exposure area and a washout area + a separate screen reclaiming chemical bay with good ventilation. The choice of exposure equipment varies in size and price. Choose a system to suit your requirements and budget. Use photo emulsion + a coating trough to coat your screen.

Dry in a dust free yellow light area. Expose your screen for a time that suits your mesh count, colour of mesh, positive type and light source strength. Wash out your screen with cold water in a wash bay under yellow light. In a separate well vented area (recommended), use the set of screen cleaning chemicals, in sequence, to reclaim your screen and blast with a high-pressure spray gun.

Remember to use the chemicals as per instructions on the label, allow the chemicals time to break down the stencil & the stain of the ink and wear the recommended safety workwear.


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